Graeme Lyons Blog

City Wildlife web site
Information on wildlife sites in the Brighton & Hove area.- including
Nature Reserves, Parks and Gardens etc.The blog site of Graeme Lyons 

South Downs on line 

Sussex Wildlife Trust

 Brighton & Hove’s Wildlife Forum
Including Discussion Board

Friends of Keep the Ridge Green

 Brighton Conservation Volunteers
Group of volunteers meet weekly to work on a wide variety of sites around Brighton and Hove.


British Trust for Conservation Volunteers(BTCV)  

Natural England


UK Phenology
Collating data on effects of climate on wildlife.

i Spot Your place to share nature

Countryside Management and nature conservation. 

The Wildlife Trusts National Office –
Royal Society for Nature Conservation.

A network of 46 Wildlife Trusts and more than 150 Urban Wildlife
Groups covering the the UK.
Managing over 2,000 nature reserves.

BBC Nature Online.
Series of surveys, articles,and links to BBC wildlife

Arkive Photographs, moving images and sounds of endangered species and habitats. It is the Noah’s Ark for the Internet era .

Safaripark Information, facts and pictures on endangered species and other wildlife.


Birds of Britain – An extensive site of about 200 pages.

Fat Birder Web Site
Aiming to link up birding enthusiasts world-wide.
Based in the UK, it carries information and links of particular interest to UK birdwatchers.

Royal Society for the Protection of BirdsRSPB main website address.


Natural History Museum.

Native flora for postal district BN3. Includes numerous photographs.

Orchids – Links to further UK and worldwide Orchid sites.


Butterfly Conservation – Butterflies, moths and their habitats.

Over the Garden Gate – British Butterflies in the Garden.

Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland – Including most of our own species.


Woodland Trust – Dedicated to the protection of native woodland heritage.

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