Benfield Wildlife and Conservation Group

Our story so far

Benfield Wildlife Group was formed in 1991, and by 1992 had successfully campaigned for the creation of Hove’s first Local Nature Reserve (LNR) on Benfield Hill. The Benfield valley forms one of the very few remaining green tongues of open land remaining in Brighton and Hove, linking the town to the Downs…

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We need support to preserve the character of this important area, and if you would like to help in any capacity, such as monitoring any aspect of wildlife, scrub clearing, typing, administration, or in any other way, please contact us as below. New members are always welcome and we hope you will want to join us

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Latest news

From the blog….

  • Dormice

    We are very fortunate to have a fully licenced dormouse handler in the group. Sally has written up her experiences over the last few years and has agreed to share them with us. Enjoy Dormice numbers have been in decline recently so it’s very important that their habitat is protected. See this PTES (Peoples Trust […]

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